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  High quality precision kits designed for you to turn into beautiful models
BR Standard Class  4MT 2-6-0 76000 and 3500 gallon 2 or 2A Tender, 
1B tender also now available 
Loco and Tender 545.00 + carr at cost
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GWR Armstrong 4-4-0 with 3000 gallon tender, Loco and Tender (including internal
valve gear) 560.00 + carr at cost
LMS Ivatt 4F with 3500 gallon tender, Loco and tender  545.00 + carr at cost Available as an optional extra, Whitaker Tablet Catchers, 9.50 per pair + p&p
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GWR Deglehn Atlantic 'La France' with GWR 4000 gallon Tender, Loco and tender 585 + carr at cost
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