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BR Standard 9F 2-10-0
A set of Metal Wheels for Loco and Tender can be supplied ready quartered on telescopic axles and rim insulated. Hollow axles have been represented. Price £270.00
ABC Gears are producing a modified gearbox to suit this wheel set which may be ordered directly from them.
The S7 Option Pack is a small pack of castings which accommodate the wider dimension of S7 and consists of the pony truck bolsters, the loco and tender brake spreaders and hanger brackets. Price £12.00
The kit uses a special ABC gearbox which may be ordered directly from them.
A Consett/Tyne Dock Option Pack is available. The loco kit contains all the necessary etches for this version to be made and the Option Pack will contain the air compressor, air tanks, brackets and fittings castings to go with them. Price tba
modern_outline002004.jpg modern_outline002003.jpg modern_outline002002.jpg modern_outline002001.jpg
These diagrams show the 1B/C, 1F and 1G tender options.
Click on an image to see an enlarged version.
 The kit is comprised of our usual mix of nickel silver etchings and lost wax castings.  There is no white metal in the kit except for the tank sides on the 1G tender. The loco and tender are both fully compensated and a choice of either metal wheels from ourselves or plastic wheels from Slater's can be used.
The kit is available in Finescale, but can be converted to S7 using the S7 Option Pack. The prototype is unique in that the frame width is so narrow that no changes are necessary to accommodate Finescale standards and is therefore also correct for S7. 
The price of the Loco and Tender is £615.00 + carr at cost