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LMS Stanier 2-8-0 with 4000Gall Tender
All etched parts are in nickel silver. To assist the builder, the firebox is provided as a one-piece white metal casting.
The 4000 gall tender makes either riveted or welded types and will be made available as a separate kit. Although not used with the 8F, the tender kit also includes parts such as water lift gear in order to be suitable for use behind other LMS locos.
Both the loco and tender have beam-compensated chassis and will take RG7 motor gearboxes or replacements in straight configuration.
This kit has been withdrawn but will be re-introduced early next year, 2023
Inside the kit
 Photo Courtesy of P Roles
BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-0 76000
The loco kit is built from nickel silver etchings and ALL cast parts are in either brass or nickel silver with the exception of the firebox. The firebox is a one piece, seamless white metal casting.

This is a very high quality kit with full compensation throughout the loco and tender. Most of the motion is cast with the exception of the Mains which are etched.
The cylinders, slide bars and valve gear are demountable; being of modular construction secured to the chassis with screws.

The compensation is demountable for maintenance and painting and is contained totally within the base of the firebox.

The loco is available separately with a tender choice of 3500 gallon 2 or 2A and the 4750 gallon 1B/C tender.

Loco and Tender £650.00 + carr at cost

Metal wheel set available at £246.00

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Inside the kit
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