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Bulleid Q1 with 3700 gallon tender
This precision kit is etched in nickel silver and comes with lost wax brass and nickel silver castings.
It features the usual slot and tab construction method for ease of assembly and has a beam-compensated chassis with rolling motor mount.
Full backhead details are also included.
Loco and Tender £546.00 + carr at cost
BR Standard 2-6-4T  4MT(in Fine scale and S7)
This we think is our best kit yet!  As usual all the etches are in nickel silver and there are simply oodles of lost wax brass and nickel silver castings.
All valve gear parts, with the exception of the coupling rods, are cast and the chassis is beam-compensated. Also demountable motion and rocking motors are featured.
As requested, some parts such as the pony truck assembly, are being made available separately.
Loco (Fine scale) £558.00 + carr at cost
Loco (S7) £580.00+ carr at cost
Limited number of metal wheel sets available at £196.00
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Inside the kit
Inside the kit
 Photo Courtesy of C Hodinott