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# There is a packing error regarding forward and rear Spring Hangers from Loco Pack 3, only with kits purchased at Reading. All other kits supplied since the Show will be correct in this respect. 
The picture(click link below) of the Loco Spring Hangers from Pack 3 shows the correct selection of Sprues for the model. The parts itemised should be mirror images of each other but it is possible that there are kits where all 4 Sprues are identical. Each kit should contain 2 of Type A and 2 of Type B.
In addition, some kits will be short of 2 of the 2mm Bearings and the Rod from Loco Pack 7.
As usual, please get in touch to have any errors/omissions rectified.
The list below gives help/changes as at 31 January 2016. 
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