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SR Maunsell/Urie King Arthur and 5000gall Bogie Tender
A striking prototype with parts in the kit to construct either Urie or Maunsell types, together with the bogie 5000gallon tender. The kit is built from nickel silver etchings and ALL cast parts are in either brass or nickel silver. This is a very high quality kit. Full compensation throughout the loco and tender together with our spring bogie mount which can also be side sprung. Most of the motion is cast with the exception of the Mains which are etched. The cylinders, slide bars and valve gear are demountable; being modular assemblies bayoneted to the chassis and secured with screws.
Loco and Tender £655.00+ carr at cost
GWR Collett 14/48xx
A pretty little loco full of character. All the etched parts are made from nickel silver. The kit is designed to be simple to put together but yet still produce an accurate scale model full of detail and intricacy that captures the look and feel of the original. The model is made from nickel silver etchings with lost wax brass and nickel silver castings.
The boiler and smokebox are machined from brass tube. the chassis is fully compensated and bunker corners are lost wax castings, avoiding lots of tedious filing away of lumps of solder. Full cab fittings are provided.
This is a model that both the first time builder, and the experienced constructor alike, will enjoy putting together.
Loco  £383.00 + carr at cost
Inside the kit
Inside the kit
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 Photo Courtesy of P Roles
 Photo Courtesy of P Roles