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Welcome to the home of precision metal locomotive kits. Modern Outline produces precision metal 'O' Gauge kits that are designed and engineered for you to turn into beautiful models.
Modern Outline has been designing etched locomotive kits since the early eighties. Since our first 4mm diesel kits, we have designed and manufactured many models in several gauges, not just for ourselves, but for others in the UK and around the world.
Our own range of kits has travelled the world too, being enjoyed by modellers in many places from Hong Kong to Australia, New Zealand and Canada as well as Europe.
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LMS Ivatt 4F with 3500 gallon Tender
 Built by Tony Geary
 Photo Courtesy of P Roles
BR Standard 2-6-4T 4MT
Latest news on the 9F
We have recently been offered the opportunity to make available a full set of  brass centered wheels, including Pony Truck and Tender, as well as Loco driving wheels. They will be rim insulated, ready quartered using telescopic axles and they will conform to BR pattern as closely as Finescale standards will allow with hollow axles represented.
We cannot give the exact price yet due to recent fluctuations in the value of the pound against foreign currencies, but expect that they will be approximately 260 - 270 which is 100 or so more than Slater's price. We will also be offering a set of correctly detailed crankpins and ABC will be making a motor and gearbox to suit the new wheels.
Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a set as they are already being booked.
The 9F will be ready for delivery sometime between the Telford Show and the Reading Show. Most items are now complete and we are awaiting confirmation of final tooling.